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Home » Announcements » Recent eMail Bulletins » Lemmon Lodge Clean Up Day this coming Saturday!


Lemmon Lodge Clean Up Day this coming Saturday!

Next Saturday is our clean up day, starting at 9 am.  The weather forecast is a bit chilly with some chance of rain in the afternoon, which beats the snow of past years!  Plan to start early and work hard.  We will break  for a potluck lunch near the office.  If you wish to grill something, that is also an option.  Please bring your own plates and silverware.    If you are interested in a jigsaw puzzle exchange, bring a complete puzzle and take another that will be new to you or renters.
Here is a list of the jobs to be done:

1. Aerate the lawn

2. Raking up - Terpennings will bring up bags and will take home bags of what is raked as mulch/compost. Others are welcome to it as well.

3. Getting docks in (this may already be done)

4. Fertilize and weed suppressant. 

5. Cut dead limbs, prune.

6. Playground and swing set - Some bolt tightening is needed. 

7. Gardening - clean up and weeding of flower boxes and front landscaping needs to be done. 

8. Move piles of wood from cutting down trees to wood shelter by fire pit.

There may be more!  Bring work gloves and any tools you may find helpful.  Once the common area work is done, this is a great time to clean up around your cabin as well.

Remember, if you can't attend, there is a $100 fee which you can send to the HOA, c/o Kathy Gibson, 361 Ash St., Denver, CO  80220 

Excuse the font size; we still await our website upgrade which will hopefully work better :)

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