Fishing-Common Area


THE ‘POINT’ FISHING AREA: Lemmon Lodge presents owners & guests one of the best locations for on-shore fishing available on our Grand Lake. The ‘Point’ is where the North Inlet waters from Rocky Mountain National Park enter Grand Lake. This cold water is filled with nutrients fish relish and this being a shallow part of the lake makes for easier fishing. Summer finds anglers out both early and late trying their luck in search of the ‘big one.’ Only owners and guests are allowed to use this area, thus the general public isn’t elbowing our fisher-folk aside.

A Colorado fishing license is required by law.

COMMON AREA FEATURES: The balance of the common area is treed and covered with native plants. A horseshoe pit is available along with a volleyball area for the gaming folks. Equipment for each is available at the office.

Children will enjoy a nice playground area with swings, a slide, & a climbing area.. This area is next to our sandy beach so parents can enjoy sun and a good book or chat with other guests while supervising their young ones.

The North Inlet (Tonahutu Creek) which begins its run far up in the Park runs the entire east side of the Lemmon Lodge Properties. There is a meandering hiking trail along its bank which allows for a very relaxing getaway.

Picnic tables are sprinkled through the property as well as lawn chairs for just kicking back and enjoying the beautiful scenery, the multitude of birds and other wildlife or just some quiet moments.

On other notes, being close to the Park, we have been known to have black bear and moose wander through foraging for food. You never know what adventure you will find waiting around each corner! Do be vigilant for the larger wild creatures: moose & bear.